Friday, 20 November 2015

The Black Police Car


Can't stand the excitement of being the center of interest for the girls behind me...still like being this idea.

Thursday, 9 July 2015


The US President was hosting a reception to observe LGBT Pride Month in the East Room when he was repeatedly interrupted by shouting from a member in the audience.
But after attempting to reason with the heckler in a good-natured manner, a visibly annoyed Mr Obama then ordered security to eject her from the event.
He said: "Listen, you are in my house. You know what, it is not respectful.
"You're not going to get a good response from me by interrupting me like this.
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Greece 2015

Greece Grief....Who is to blame

Not the is potbelly true the have been spoiled by there generous pass governments with such generous social programs....but who is to blame for that.  In any Democracy
 the norm for any party to be elected it must have a majority of the voters on there side and n order to do this they must give or promise a better life and a better standard of living for country.

Well when Greece joined the EU it must be remember that this country of 11m was very poor now with union with rich countries like Germany and France they now had access for capital they could have never access why not take advantage.

Now who is ready and will to take advantage of this situation...THE BANKS of course....I am not referring to so called Government finance banks like the IMF and's private Banks...there greed knowing that Greece with there  Government's poor record on collecting taxes could not possible be able to repaid there Loan why did they loan the money?

They new that if the Greek Government could not pay then could ask and receive help from other members institution such as the IMF and other backed Government financial institution.  Now these private banks have there loans payed back with interest.  It's Greeks owe other EU members.

It's sad but this is how the World financial market's greed pure an simple.  It must be rembered that above all we must not upset our quest for that god amity dollar for it's what makes the world go around.